Car maintenance

(commences 21st January, 2019)
Henry Harris - MONDAY 7.30 – 9.45pm (10 weeks)
Learn the basics of car maintenance in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. This course will cover as far as is possible, the routine service requirements of the modern Motor Vehicle. NCT checks covered. Students will be invited to partake in practical demonstrations. Dismantling and reassembly will not be covered. All equipment and tools are supplied. Please bring a notepad and pen.

This class is suitable for beginners/improvers and no previous experience is required. Those who complete the course will have a sound basic knowledge of the subject. The tutor, Henry Harris, is a qualified motor mechanic with 49 years’ experience.

Course content
• Engine lubrication system : change engine oil and oil filter
• Fuel system : change air cleaner and fuel filter
• Ignition system : remove and refit spark plugs
• Battery : service to battery, terminals, corrosion, safety etc
• General electrics : change bulbs, fuses etc
• Tyres : check tyre pressure, tyre condition
• Transmission : tool kit, explain clutch, gearbox, final drive
• Brakes : brake fluid, pads, shoes
• Cooling : add coolant, thermostat, replace hoses, antifreeze
• Basic fault finding : safety when working
• Revision : time permitting
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