BEGINNERS (commences 21st January, 2019)
Chris Lukaszewicz - MONDAY 7.30 – 9.45pm (10 weeks)
Learn basic methods of handbuilding, modelling, throwing and glazing.
ALL LEVELS (commences 23rd January, 2019)
Valerie Coombes - WEDNESDAY 7.15 – 9.45pm (10 weeks)
This course has been designed to suit the needs of the individual. It is aimed at all levels of experience - beginners, improvers and the more advanced. Beginners are catered for in a sub group and the more experienced are tutored individually in pursuit of their personal projects.

On the course, the following ceramic skills are taught - comprehensive hand building methods (pinch, coil and slab, work with moulds, sculptural modelling and carving), basic throwing at the wheel, glazing and decoration.

Emphasis is put on fostering lively creative individuality. Using the skills they have been taught, students can expect to make attractive functional/decorative pots, objects, and if wished, sculptures.

Course materials are supplied by the school including clay, glazes, oxides etc, modelling tools and ceramic equipment.

Students need to bring a notebook and pen, an apron or old shirt and a small towel (hand cream is advised if you have dry skin). During the course, students will be encouraged to collect personally interesting reference images and find objects and cloths/fabrics for making texture in their own work.

The tutor, Valerie Coombes, ANCAD, PTA, set up this Pottery class in 1979. Valerie also did her Teaching Practice year in Cabinteely Community Day School whilst studying for her teaching qualification in NCAD. Valerie has over 30 years’ experience teaching Fine Art and Craft to a full spectrum of age groups - Adults, Secondary, Post Leaving Cert and Primary, both in the Community School, VEC and private sectors. She is renowned for her unique teaching methods in classes and workshops.
Mould-Making and Slip-Casting
Kate O'Kelly - TUESDAY - 7.30 – 9.45pm (10 weeks)
Learn about the process of mould-making and slip-casting for ceramics.

Slip-casting is a ceramic production process for the creation of multiples of the same shape. It is a technique used for the batch production of pottery and ceramics, especially for shapes not easily made on a wheel. A liquid clay is poured into plaster moulds and allowed to form a layer, the cast, on the inside walls of the mould. The technique is suited to the production of complex shapes, especially if with relief decoration and thin walls.

In this course Students will have the opportunity to learn how to make two different shapes, both of which they will be able to choose. We will start with learning how to make plaster moulds, then go on to slip-casting from these moulds, before learning a few techniques for decorating the pieces. By the end of the course students will have learnt how to make their own simple plaster moulds, and how to use the slip-casting technique to produce multiple clay casts from these moulds. Students will also be led through several different decorating and glazing techniques. They will have the opportunity to design and make their own models to cast a mould from, and learn what forms are suitable for this technique. Come with a readiness to learn and to get your hands dirty, and you will go home with several ceramic pieces that you have made.

This 10 week ceramics course it is Ideal for beginners through to more advanced ceramicists interested in slip-casting. No slip- casting experience required.

Tutor Kate is a highly skilled and motivated practitioner, dedicated to the field of Ceramic Art and Design. Kate has 5 years experience working within these disciplines as both a professional craftsperson and educator. Since graduating she has developed and broadened her skills and knowledge of ceramics through a number of residencies, lecturing and prototyping for industry.
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