Beginners - TUESDAY - (Commencing 22nd January, 2019)
Claudia Fini - 7.30 – 9.45pm (12 weeks)

This level is for beginners. Getting the basics to communicate in Italian using games, role play, interactive and fun classes. No textbook needed.

The aim of this course is to learn Italian through fun, culture, music and food! Have you ever used the word Ciao? Have you ever ordered spaghetti, pizza, a cappuccino or lasagne? Italian is considered the language of music - switch on the Italian radio stations, or listen to Italian singers or and musical groups. Plan that special holiday to Italy or to any other Country where Italian is spoken, like Switzerland, Croatia and Slovenia, and there are many Italian immigrant communities across America and Australia. Visit the Opera, go to a Museum, enjoy a nice Italian dinner but next time: you will be prepared or, at least, more confident!

I am an Interior Designer (4 years degree) and I am planning to finish my second dissertation in Architecture, too. I know Interior Design, Architecture and a bit of Art. Italy, in the past, had a lot of influence in all these fields. Today, fashion and design are great in Italy. The historic influence of Italian culture in terms of food, music, literature and science is very important as well.

Improvers - WEDNESDAY (Commencing 23rd January, 2019)
Claudia Fini - 7.00 – 8.25pm (12 weeks)
For those who have completed the Italian Beginners course or have a small knowledge of Italian. Improve your Italian with relevant role play, conversation and games. No textbook needed.
Intermediate - WEDNESDAY (Commencing 23rd January, 2019)
Claudia Fini - 8.35 – 10.00pm (12 weeks)
For those who have completed the Italian Improvers course. Practice your Italian through relevant role play, conversation, games, Italian current affairs and culture. No textbook needed.
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