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Caring for Animals (including Dog grooming)




Start Date

Week beginning January 23rd 2023


Nicola Lawlor

Course Overview


This course is suitable for pet-owners or anyone who is interested in turning their love of animals into a possible career. Students will learn how to care for a variety of different pets and tips and tricks on home maintenance and general care of your pet. This is a classroom-based course with a mixture of theory and practical elements. This is a non-certified course.  

Over the 10 weeks students will cover a basic Introduction to the following topics: 

  • Animal Welfare 
  • Animal Behaviour 
  • Animal anatomy and physiology 
  • Small animal husbandry and housing 
  • Dog Grooming 
  • Dog grooming tools 
  • Dog grooming styles 
  • Potential health problems 
  • Brushing, bathing, clipping, ear cleaning, nail clipping 
  • Skills for putting your animal at ease in order to make grooming much easier 


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7.30 – 9.45pm
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