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Digital Marketing


QQI Level 5  (5N1364)

Minor Award

Start Date September 22nd


Vicky Kavanagh

Course Overview

An information session is available but not compulsory from 6.40 on the evening the course commences.  Please provide your PPS number.


Covid-19 has changed our lives and how we work.  Whether you’re a business who’s been forced to move online, an employee looking to upskill or wish to become your own boss, Digital Marketing is an essential skill for the 21st century worker. 

Blending the theory with the practical, our Digital Marketing course will equip you with all the skills needed to thrive in these increasingly digitised times.  

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Week One: An introduction to the world of digital marketing, exploration of its unique landscape and examination of the differences between digital and traditional marketing and the opportunities and challenges digital marketing campaigns pose. Includes practical in-class work and after-class reading.

Week Two: Exploring real-life digital marketing strategies and evaluating their integration with traditional marketing campaigns. In-class discussion of case studies will help develop an understanding of strong/weak digital marketing campaigns and the considerations needed when integrating them into traditional marketing. Assignment for delivery in week four based off of tutor brief (10% of the portfolio grade)

Week Three: From ideation to execution; learn the step-by-step process of creating a digital marketing campaign. Students will be taken through the analysis, development, implementation and control of a digital marketing campaign, equipping them with the theory needed to develop a digital strategy. Assignment for delivery in week five based off of tutor brief (10% of the portfolio grade)

Week Four: Learning about the wide variety of electronic tools used to support digital marketing strategies. More traditional and new forms of e-tools will be explored, with demonstration of their use and importance in executing a successful digital marketing campaign and the strengths and weaknesses of them.

Week Five: Develop customised digital marketing campaigns based off of brief provided by tutor. Assignment for delivery in week six based off of tutor brief (15% of the portfolio grade)

Week Six: Integration of e-tools into customised digital marketing campaign and how to analyse the effectiveness of a campaign using these tools.

Week Seven: Planning a digital marketing campaign from inception to completion based off brief provided by tutor and evaluation of campaign success using e-tools and post-campaign report structures. Assignment for delivery in week eight based off of tutor brief (15% of the portfolio grade)

Week Eight: Monitoring digital marketing campaigns with the use of e-tools, with specific focus on social media monitoring, web analytics and social bookmarking to measure success of campaign

Week Nine: Individual presentations of digital marketing campaign developed and executed, including post-campaign reporting, based off of tutor’s brief (50% of the project grade).

Week Ten: Developing client-management relationship skills to establish and maintain business-to-business process

The tutor, Vicky Kavanagh, has a background in media, communications and digital marketing and is also an author. Vicky has a B.A in Journalism from DCU and worked in RTE TV News & Current Affairs for several years, including working on the 6.1 NewsThe FrontlinePrime Time and Special Election coverage.  After going freelance, Vicky produced television for independent production companies, working on programmes such as Des Bishop’s General Election and the Rubberbandits Guide To series.  In addition to this, Vicky has worked in social media management and digital marketing, for brands such as Coca Cola, Irish Distillers, Parcel Motel and IOOA to name a few.  She is also a published author – her first book Love, Zelda is coming out this year and she is working on her second novel. She is also the host of a podcast – The Books That Made Me – which she co-produces.

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