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In the 10 week Online Mindfulness and Wellbeing Course you will learn Mindfulness based practices and tools for a more healthy, happy and productive life.

These Mindfulness practices are designed to assist you in reconnecting or indeed, connecting more fully with your own life. Stress, anxiety and worry tend to take us into the future or back into the past, and, as a result, we may miss many, wonderful moments – happening in real time.

An example of one of these moments:-

· Watching a winter sunset in the crisp, clean air. (This is one of the many simple, Mindfulness practices.)

Unfortunately, we may not even notice the sunset because of the challenging times, we are living in right now combined with the normal day to day routines of everyday life.

Mindfulness practices shows us how to slow down, and to stay focused no matter what is going on around us…

Many thousands of studies have been completed on the benefits of mindfulness.

Some of these benefits are:-

· Encourages and maintains good restorative sleep
· Reduces anxiety
· Promotes feelings of joy and happiness
· Helps maintain good physical and mental health
· Develops better concentration and clarity
· Encourages feelings of self-compassion and compassion for others

The course will also feature:-

· Meditation practice – How to meditate for optimum health
· Mindful eating – Foods that boost and maintain a healthy immune system
· The mindful practice of walking every day for good, physical and mental health
· Develop a better relationship with yourself and others
· How to encourage good chemicals such as dopamine to circulate in the body
· How to reduce the ‘fight or flight chemicals’, to encourage a calm, peaceful life

· …..And much more

 The course is run by Veronica Coughlan, an experienced teacher of Mindfulness/Wellbeing/Diet & Nutrition/Lifestyle choices.

 Veronica Coughlan,  Dip Mindfulness and Wellbeing, ICM,  Dip Diet and Nutrition ITEC.


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