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September 23rd


Veronica Coughlan

Course Overview



“Mindfulness is awareness, cultivated by paying attention in a sustained and particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.” – Jon Kabat Zinn.

In weaving the practice of Mindfulness into our everyday lives, we learn to respond rather than react to the challenges of modern day living. Mindfulness practice brings about a new way of being with your heart, body and mind. The practice of mindfulness offers endless opportunities to transform your life to one with greater well-being, meaning and happiness.

The benefits of practicing Mindfulness are: –

* Mindfulness practices increases feelings of calmness and purpose
* It helps decrease anxiety
* Greatly reduces ruminative thinking
* Boosts working memory
* Helps focus attention and suppress distracting information
* Regulates emotions
* Improves mental and physical health

Course Description:

This ten-week course will cover the history and science of Mindfulness from its conception over 2,500 years ago, up to the present day.

Each week will feature a different theme on mindfulness both in theory and in practice, and the tutor will provide handouts at the end of each class. There will be recommended home practices for each week, lots of question and answer time during the class, and an emphasis on a user-friendly teaching of the curriculum.

Some of the practices covered will be Compassion Meditation, Loving Kindness Meditation, Forgiveness Meditation, Mindful listening, Eating, Walking, and much more.

This is a highly recommended course for any person wishing to reduce negative stress, and reconnect with innate feelings of joy, peace and contentment. It is recommended for all age groups and gender.

The tutor, Veronica Coughlan, has 20 years’ experience teaching Meditation Courses and 5 years teaching Mindfulness and Wellbeing Courses. Veronica has an I.C.M. (Institute of Corporate Management) Diploma in Mindfulness & Well-Being.


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