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Katrin Neue

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Pilates is a series of mat-based exercises that will improve your core muscle strength, posture, flexibility and balance as well as looking after your spine. Pilates also give you the ‘feel good’ factor, so classes are challenging and enjoyable; everyone works at their own pace as all exercises can be made easier or harder. This means that classes are mixed ability and suitable for beginners…all you need is comfortable clothes and a mat.

Katrin first came to Pilates in 2004 through her extensive dance and dance education training in Germany and Ireland, and started teaching after her initial training with Susan Church in 2012.  She is qualified to teach Mat work as well as equipment and teaches both group classes as well as individual post-rehab based sessions.


Katrin has expanded her practice from dance and Pilates to Somatic Education, certifying as a Hanna Somatic Exercise Coach in 2014 and as a Clinical Somatic Educator in 2017.  Katrin is faculty member (Senior Mentor) of Essential Somatics, teaching on the international ES Movement Teacher training, and is registered as a professional member of the International Somatic Movement and Therapy Association ISMETA.  She has also started her training with Patrick McKeown in late 2020 to become a certified Buteyko Method practitioner and dive deeper into techniques for better breathing.


Katrin’s Pilates classes often feature a short somatic warm up to increase body awareness (important for precise movements) und playful challenges for balance and efficient coordination.

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