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Clare Ryan

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Pilates is a series of mat-based exercises that will improve your core muscle strength, posture, flexibility and balance as well as looking after your spine. Pilates also give you the ‘feel good’ factor, so classes are challenging and enjoyable; everyone works at their own pace as all exercises can be made easier or harder. This means that classes are mixed ability and suitable for beginners…all you need is comfortable clothes and a mat.

The tutor, Clare Ryan, retrained as a fitness instructor in 2014 after developing a strong interest in many aspects of health and fitness in her twenties. This led her to complete a BSc in Exercise and Health Fitness in 2018 from the University of Limerick, part of which encompassed her qualifications as a fitness instructor, personal trainer, older adult specialist, wellness coach and Pilates instructor.

Clare is also qualified through Athletics Ireland as a running coach.  She is a keen runner, particularly long distance running, and her love of the sport has taken her to compete in numerous marathons (NYC, Prague, Dublin) and ultramarathons, culminating in her winning the Achill Ultramarathon in 2016.  Clare recognises the holistic nature of fitness: no one activity should be done in isolation and hence her interest in Pilates grew; Pilates works on strength and flexibility and keeps the body in the condition necessary for running long distances.

Clare’s work is very varied, from running coaching to Pilates, bootcamps and personal training, which means she gets to meet lots of new people in a variety of settings. Her classes are challenging but they are also fun as Clare acknowledges that most people stick with their fitness programmes when they enjoy them.

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