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Beginners 2   

Start Date

Spring 2024


Ann O’Rourke


Course Overview


If you can count to 13 you can learn to play Bridge!  Bridge is a great way to develop and retain memory, tactical and communication skills.  As a social game, Bridge is unparalleled.  It is played by four players in two competing teams, and is practised by millions worldwide in clubs, tournaments, online and at home with friends. Bridge is for all ages, a card game that will bring you great pleasure for life. 

Beginners 2 (Term 2) 

This course is for students who have completed one term of Beginners already and have some knowledge of the game of bridge.  Have played it in the past.


When you know the basics of Bridge play. Come along and improve your system and card play.

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Ann O’Rourke

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