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Challenging Behaviour


Start Date

November 6th     


Denise O Carroll   


Course Overview

The topics will include:
  1. Understanding the causes of behaviour 
  2. Developing regulation skills 
  3. De escalation and redirection strategies 
  4. Therapeutic and restorative support  



!. Develop an understanding of the impact of EBDs on the social and emotional behaviour of children in the classroom
2. Identify the environmental and social factors which affect children with sensory needs
3, Identify the functional communicative intent of behaviours in children with needs
4. Use observation techniques to develop an understanding of the ABCs of behaviour
5. Identify strategies which may be utilised to deescalate a child in distress

This course will run over 2 Saturdays for 5 hours per session (10 hours in total).  Saturday 6th November will be online and Saturday 13th November will be classroom based.

This is not a  QQI certified course.



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Denise O’Carroll



9.00am – 2.00pm

(2 Weeks)