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Start Date

Spring 2024


Elaine McGuinness

Course Overview


Week 1 

Introduction to computing – Learning about the basics 

  • Powering on and off your device 
  • Accessing the internet 
  • Google search 
  • Navigating around the desktop 

Week 2 


Managing emails  

  • How to send an email  
  • Receiving and pinning emails  
  • Attaching files and downloading attached files 
  • Checking notifications & housekeeping 

Week 3 

Using Microsoft Word  

  • Opening word – creating a word document  
  • Formatting 
  • Tables/charts 
  • Downloading and saving word documents   

Week 4  

Microsoft Word cont. 

  • Tables/charts 
  • Downloading and saving word documents   


Week 5  

Socializing and shopping online  

  • Video calling using teams/zoom 
  • Shopping online securely/ 2 step verification  
  • Social media 
  • Data Protection 

Week 6 


Using PowerPoint 

  • Creating PowerPoint slides 
  • Formatting and layout 

Week 7  

Using PowerPoint cont.  

  • Animations  
  • Recording  
  • Attaching hyperlinks and charts 
  • Slide shows 

Week 8  

Using Excel  

  • Opening saving excel files 
  • Entering Data 
  • Formatting and layout 
  • Navigating  

Week 9  

Using Excel cont. 

  • Using formulas  
  • Creating charts 

 Completing a survey for feedback on final week  

Week 10  

  • Revising the course and working on additional skills per request 




Learn more about using your home computer. Class exercises are more detailed for MS Word: letters, clip art, tables. MS Excel: charts and formulas. MS PowerPoint: creating and animating slides. Email attachments and Internet usage and security. Basic computer skills essential.

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