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Beginners 2 




Start Date

April 17th ’24


Mairead Ni Chiosain

Course Overview

All my classes are purely conversational and aim at developing oral fluency. The course is tailor-made and together with my students, we choose topics, activities and resources which, I feel, will motivate participants to converse.


This course will cover all the basic French you’ll need in everyday situations, from talking about yourself to booking a room, buying food or finding your way around.  Emphasis is on spoken language.

Beginners 2: 

This course is suitable for those who have completed a term studying beginners French. The course will cover some basic French you will need in everyday situations: talking about yourself, getting around while on holiday, buying food. Emphasis is on spoken language.


Ideal course to improve your French through conversation on a wide range of topics while reviewing some main grammar points and increasing the vocabulary.


This course is suitable for students who have some fluency and will be happy to discuss current topics as well as conversation on a wide range of topics.




Why would you like to learn French?

Is it for travel?

Do you travel to France on a regular basis to enjoy the sunshine and the French culture? France is the most popular holiday destination in the world. Why not learn some practical communication technics that will help you to  get around most situations.

For work?

A language enhances your professional profile and French remains the second most influential language in Europe. You might also consider exporting to France…

To refresh and build on what you have learned at school?

Just because you like the cool, sophisticated sounds of the language and you were always enjoying learning it.

Whatever your reason, I offer a convivial and enjoyable atmosphere to learn French with emphasis on enabling students to feel comfortable using the language in practical situations.




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Beginners 2 

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