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April 17th 2024


Pat Byrne          

Course Overview


This course is a step by step introduction to playing accompaniment guitar. The course covers the principle chords on the guitar and their relationship to the major and minor keys. There is a major emphasis on rhythm playing and timing, and basic introduction songs are included which reflect the chords and rhythms we are learning. The course also covers tuning the instrument, use of the capo for changing key, and 4/4 and 3/4 rhythm playing. This course gives an excellent grounding on playing guitar with concise weekly chord charts.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

BEGINNERS 2:                                                                                                                              Completed one term of beginners; basic knowledge of chords

You will learn the principle chords in five of the main seven keys, rhythm strumming and how to use the plectrum.

You will need:

GUITAR. It does not have to be an expensive instrument but we want to stay clear of cheaper toy like instruments.

GUITAR TUNER. This can be purchased at any music shop for around 12 euro. I would strongly advise the learner to stick to the simpler ‘GUITAR ONLY’ tuner. There is no need to get a tuner that tunes other stringed instruments as it makes using the tuner over complicated. There is a very inexpensive ‘CLIP ON’ tuner available for guitar only.

PLECTRUM. This is a small triangular piece of hard plastic. Buy a couple of different types. They are about 50c each. Use of the plectrum is covered on the fifth or sixth week of the course.

CAPO. The capo is a small bar that clamps the six strings of the guitar at a given fret and helps us change key. One does not need a fancy capo, and it should cost around 10 euro. Use of the capo is covered on the 9th week of the course.

WRITING PAD for extra notes and plastic folder. Get a plastic folder to keep the weekly course notes the tutor will supply, and bring a note pad and pen for extra information you want to keep.


This class is for IMPROVERS who can play in the major keys and have about 9-12 chords.  The class will entail learning songs as a group and singing while playing.


This course is a continuation of the Beginners Course and concludes the principle chords in the seven major and minor keys. As with the Beginners Course there is major emphasis on rhythm and timing and right hand technique is further developed. Finger styles are shown for 4/4 and 3/4 playing as well as moving chords up the fretboard, and using the major and minor scale for introductions to songs. A knowledge of the basic rhythms and principle chords is required before taking this course.

You will need:

WRITING PAD for extra notes and plastic folder.

How will I know if I have progressed enough on the guitar to take this course?
The tutor will advise you on how you have progressed at the end of the Beginners Course. My main advice however is that the learner uses the months between the Beginners Course and the Improvers Course practising on a regular basis what has been covered. The learner should be able to change chord and use the rhythms covered in the Beginners Course before taking the second course.

Is it ok to skip the Beginners Course if I am playing guitar already?
If you can already change chord to a basic chord structure and you have mastered the basic rhythms, there is no problem doing the Improvers Course by itself. However, since the Beginners Course puts major emphasis on rhythm and timing, it may be best not to skip the Beginners Course.

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