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Start Date

17th April 2024


Pat Byrne

Course Overview


This course introduces the main chords and main keys on the increasingly popular little four stringed instrument known by many simply as ‘THE UKE’. A range of popular and folk songs are covered which takes the learner through all the basic hand movements for rhythm playing. Chord charts in all keys are provided for what has become a popular instrument that’s fun to play.


Completed one term or knows the basics


You will learn the principle chords in the main seven keys, rhythm strumming and how to use the wrist for rhythm playing on selected songs.

You will need:

UKELELE. It does not have to be an expensive instrument but we want to stay clear of cheaper toy like instruments. It is best to go for a TENOR uke. Try the CONCERT uke as well but you may find this too small when starting.
Type: Soprano. Best for: Children, smaller hands
Type: Concert. Best for: Classic ukulele sound
Type: Tenor. Best for: Players looking for a fuller sound
Type: Baritone. Best for: Bigger body – LOUDER

TUNER. This can be purchased at any music shop for around 12 euro. Some tuners have a setting for the ukulele (usually the letter ‘U’) but the simpler ‘GUITAR ONLY’ tuner will also do.

WRITING PAD AND PEN for extra notes and plastic folder. Get a plastic folder to keep the weekly course notes the tutor will supply and bring a notepad and pen for extra information you want to keep.


1] It is important that you have an actual instrument to play. A ukulele bought in a toy shop are impossible to tune and you will never learn how to play it, and the same applies to a guitar. Some guitars are simply untunable as they are close to being toys too.

2] You must have a tuner, the first thing you will learn is how to tune your instrument so if you are buying a new ukulele have the shop tune it for you and it is not wise to put new strings on a guitar or ukulele before your lesson as the strings have to stretch and the tutor can’t spend half the class tuning instruments.
3] If you are left handed, go to the music shop and ask to have the strings reversed for left handed playing otherwise you will be learning everything upside down to the rest of the class.
4] This class is for Soprano  Ukulele [Smallest}


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